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What is the difference between a Team and a School purchase?

A Team purchase provides you with a code that is specific to one sport. So your families signing up will automatically be subscribed to the sport of your Team. A School purchase provides the administrator (a coach or A.D.) with a code that will allow their families from all 10 sports to create an account.

How does the upgrading of tiers work for Team & Schools, is the charge prorated?

Yes, if you upgrade to a higher tier, we will prorate the charge. As an example: if you start today with a School purchase, you will be charged $595 and up to 10 families can use your Membership. If the 11th signs up 6 months from now, we will notify you before charging anything further so that you can choose whether you want to expand access or not. If you choose to do so, at that point you would pay $200 to bump up (it's a $400 addition is to get to the next tier, and since you are 6 monhts in, it's prorated to half).

I am expensing this to my school or club and need them to sign off ahead of time on a purchase order, can you send one in advance?

Yes - we are happy to send you a purchase order if you need one before you make the purchase. You will also receive a receipt confirming the purchase afterwards. To receive a purchase order, send us an email requesting one at:

Which plans renew automatically, and which are one-time charges?

The Monthly plan will renew each month - we will always send you an email 3 days before a new charge hits your card. The Yearly plan and Team/School plans are one-time charges. We will notify you when your subscription is expiring, but your card will not automatically be charged.